New Video Live! Mediocre PUBG – Episode #1 Bonus


Mediocre PUBG is our debut series on YouTube. We record our gameplay as we casually play (we aren’t pros, we just play and have fun), and we pick out our favorite moments to share with everyone. This bonus to the first episode shows one of the clips that led to the creation of our channel, some of our motivation.

This is our first bonus content to accompany an episode, featuring a new intro I plan to continue to develop moving into the future, as well as an original instrumental to accompany it.



Mediocre What Now?

Tonight’s word of the day is Mediocre! As you may or probably don’t know since we’re not really out there much yet, Mediocre PUBG is our debut series on Youtube. Well, not quite. In light of looking to the future, we’re renaming our debut series to simply Mediocre. Mediocre gameplay will feature multiple “sub-series” bearing the Mediocre name with particular games or genres. The first of these sub-series will be the already-established-and-posted Mediocre PUBG. Just a slight tweak moving forward.

Now that this change is explained, I also want to use this post to announce the second sub-series of Mediocre gameplay: Mediocre Rocket League! We’re planning to begin this series very soon in the near future.

This certainly doesn’t mean we’re already moving on from Mediocre PUBG. We’re planning to also release Mediocre PUBG episode 2 as soon as possible; we already recorded footage for what we planned to be a new episode, which we were all really excited about as it was a huge improvement on our first episode, but the footage ended up being unusable due to a technical difficulty. We’ve now resolved that issue, and are looking forward to taking another swing at getting new content out there.


Thanks for reading! We’re looking forward to entertaining anyone out there watching. Until next time!


“Challenger Approaching!”

Hey everyone!

This is going to serve as my introductory blog post, introducing some new blog categories and otherwise kickstarting our content.

Ace and I have teased the idea of starting a channel for a while now; we enjoy playing video games, and if someone out there would be interested in our content, then why not? So here we are. 2018 is upon us, and we decided now is as good a time as any.

I’ve spent the last couple days brainstorming ideas; how should we present ourselves, should we make a website (welcome!), what should we name ourselves, etc. We got the framework laid out, and then decided to just create some content. Last night we played some PUBG for a while, I was up for a while editing our first video, doing some technical tests, and deciding how we were going to go about presenting our content. This first video, as will be seen when we post it, is going to serve as the first episode of our debut series of videos, Mediocre PUBG! 

I’m really excited to get this video out on YouTube, as I feel this has the potential of blossoming into a fun little project of ours.

Today I’ve been preparing logos, site identities, header images, etc, getting everything ready for the video’s release. Now that I have our site identity/logo nearing finalization, I’m going to redo the opening of the video and I think we will have our first content out there soon. I’m excited to see where this goes, and how many people join us for this journey, but even if we never get a view other than friends watching our videos, it’s still fun to take on a project like this.

Thanks for reading! Until next time…